An electronic product contains 53 integrated circuits. The probability that any integrated circuit is defective is 0.02, and the integrated circuits are independent. The product operates only if there are no defective integrated circuits. What is the probability that the product operates? Round your answer to four decimal places (e.g. 98.7654).

Accepted Solution

Answer: Hello!Here you have 53 integrated circuits, each with a probability of 0.02 of being defective.If only one of them is defective, then the electronic product doesnt work.Then we need the calculate the probability in wich all the 53 circuits arent defective.the probability for each one to not be defective is 1 - 0.02 = 0.98And if i want to see the probability for all of them to work fine, then i need to do the product of all the probabilities, this is multiply 0.98 53 times, or:[tex]0.98^{53} = 0.34275[/tex]rounding to the four decimal place, we have: 0.3428Wich is a kinda small probability for our product to work.