Elenor and Max used two rectangular wooden boards to make a set for the school play. One board was 6 feet long, and the other was 5-1/2 feel long. The two boards has equal widths. The total area of the set was 60-3/8 square feet. What was the width?

Accepted Solution

Answer:The width is 5.25 feetsStep-by-step explanation:The dimensions of the two rectangular wooden boards that Elenor and Max used to make a set for the school play are shown in the attached photo. The widths of the two boards are equal. The lengths are 6 feets and 51/2 feetsArea of each rectangular length, L Γ— Width, WArea of the longer rectangular board = 6x W = 6W feet^2Area of the shorter rectangular board = 11/2 x W = 11W/2 feet^2The area of the set is 60-3/8 square feet. This is equal to 483/8 feet^2.Therefore,483/8 = 6W + 11W/2 = 23W/28 Γ— 23W = 483 Γ— 2184W = 966W = 966/184 = 5.25 feets