The diameter of the sphere is 16 inches. What is the approximate surface area of the sphere? Round to the nearest hundredth. Use 3.14 for. Recall the formula 200.86 square inches 803.84 square inches 1,024.00 square inches 3,215.36 square inches

Accepted Solution

Answer: 803.84 square inches Step-by-step explanation:A sphere is a 3 dimensional solid and its surface area is the total number of square units that will cover the sphere's surface.The formula for the surface area of a sphere is expressed as 4πr^2Wherer = radius of the sphereπ i s a constant with a value of 3.14From the information given, Diameter of the sphere = 16 inchesRadius of sphere = diameter of sphere divided by 2Radius of sphere = 16/2 = 8 inches.Surface area of sphere = 4 × 3.14 × 8^2 = 803.84 inches^2